Brad Rassler Brad Rassler, Editor-in-Chief of Sustainable Play, lives and writes in the Tahoe Sierra. He and his partner, Jane Grossman, live in the Carson Range without a dog.
  • David Beck: Architect of the Sierra High Route I’M SCHLEPPING A 65-POUND PACK up Symmes Creek Gorge, playing Sherman to David Beck’s Mr. Peabody, helping him escort seven clients on a ski tour of California’s Sierra High Route. We’re just an hour into the first day’s climb of 4,000 feet, and I’m stressed, spent, and wondering why I agreed to be Beck’s Sherpa […] March 25, 2014
  • The Patagonia Catalog’s Unforgivable Whiteness I wondered about Patagonia’s color-blindness and general reluctance to celebrate the black, brown, yellow, red, and the graying outdoor athlete, especially given the company’s stance on social and environmental diversity. September 11, 2013
  • Euell Gibbons: No Grape Nut He THE AUTHOR AND FORAGER Euell Theophilus Gibbons once served as the folksy face of Grape-Nuts, the breakfast cereal that contains neither grapes nor nuts. The television campaign featured Gibbons delivering his now-famous “Ever eat a pine tree?” line, which catapulted him from darling of the back-to-nature movement to an unwitting victim of America’s pop culture. The […] August 26, 2013
  • In the Wake of the Aleut Eagan, a lithe and youthful 61, describes his solo journey by sea kayak down an especially thuggish stretch of the southeastern Alaskan coast. A Class 5 whitewater boater, accomplished mountaineer, climber, and free diver, Eagan called on all of his training to accomplish the quest, which took him five years to piece together. August 8, 2012
  • Running Talus: Profile of Doug Robinson :: Climbing For the better part of a day I’ve been drifting with Doug Robinson through his life, flitting from the Sierra to the Winds, from the Himalaya to the Eastside. Twilight filters through the windows of his Kirkwood, California vacation cabin and a flurry of snow dusts the window panes. Robinson sits exuding calm, all five feet five inches and 150 pounds of him, supple and lean at 51. He gives me his all with laughing blue-grey eyes, and latches on to every question, smiling at the memories that tak January 17, 2012

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