SUSTAINABLE PLAY’s mission is to publish thoughtful outdoor narratives consistent with the notion of sustainable development: cultivating wellness through wilderness in a manner that preserves the wild for those who follow. Sustainable Play is literary activism; a narrative praxis. We’re doing our job if we inspire you, just for a moment, to reframe your worldview. Although Sustainable Play isn’t strictly environmental, adventure, or nature writing, it is writing that celebrates wildness.

Sustainable Play’s founder and Editor-in-Chief is Brad Rassler. Brad’s stories have appeared in Ascent, Alpinist, Climbing, Outside, Powder, Sierra, and other outdoor publications. His first feature profile, “Running Talus,” a cover story for Climbing magazine, explored the effort to convince Yosemite climbers to protect their climbs using nuts rather than pitons, which tended to scar the rock.

Drop us a line. Tell us what you think of the journalistic space we’re carving out. Throw ideas our way. We’re interested in your feedback.

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