Stories at the confluence of people, planet and play

The Greening of Alex Honnold Alex Honnold is sick of your questions about his free soloing. Ask him about the environmental work he's launching through the Honnold Foundation, and a whole different side of the man emerges.

GO AHEAD: ASK ALEX HONNOLD about his unprecedented solo ascents, and watch how he reflexively flips the toggle switch to autopilot. He’ll rhapsodize about climbing – sure he will – …

Running Talus: Profile of Doug Robinson

For the better part of a day I’ve been drifting with Doug Robinson through his life, flitting from the Sierra to the Winds, from the Himalaya to the Eastside. Twilight filters through the windows of his Kirkwood, California vacation cabin and a flurry of snow dusts the window panes. Robinson sits exuding calm, all five feet five inches and 150 pounds of him, supple and lean at 51. He gives me his all with laughing blue-grey eyes, and latches on to every question, smiling at the memories that tak