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Speed skiing
Speed skiing

Ticktock, The World Clock Never Stops

From such a simple beginning the idea and measurement of time quickly becomes complex and vastly more complicated. Most people assume they are capable of grasping the concepts of a minute, hour, day, week, month, year, decade and even a century, and how their lives are lived and measured in those terms. But a millennium is more difficult and a galactic year (about 230 million terrestrial years) is beyond imagining…

Climbing to Freedom In 1972, on the heels of a failed marriage and a false occupational start, the skier and climber, Dick Dorworth, was living out of a '64 VW bus, relishing his newfound freedom. And then he met Elizabeth.

IN THE SUMMER OF 1972, I was living the simple life of a normal dirtbag, disaffected, counter to the mainstream-culture, climber of the time. The mainstream …