Art of the Wild

Interviews with creatives, essays, and book reviews.

  • Riding into the Heart of Patagonia

    A calafate seed was growing inside me. The idea was simple: Return to Coyhaique, buy a horse, and head south. The reality was a bit more complicated. Secretly, I doubted my ability, as well as my sanity. Why is it that I insist on doing things that other people never even think about?

    Nancy Pfeiffer April 5, 2018
  • Art of the Wild: Gessner, Stegner, and Abbey

    WRITER, PROFESSOR, AND ENVIRONMENTAL PROVOCATEUR, David Gessner, is lounging in his writing shack out back of his North Carolina house, a non-smartphone to his ear, a Ranger pale ale in his belly, and another in his hand. We’re chatting about the latest book, All The Wild That Remains, an encomium to two giants of American literature, Ed Abbey and Wallace Stegner. The […]

    Brad Rassler April 10, 2015